This eleven song

Severance Package

is a contender

for my favorite

project of the year.

Released by the San Diego-based

duo TSUKI, the project

is a mixture of electronica

and acoustic folk,

somehow blending seamlessly

into one magical project.

The contrast between opener

“Pareidolia” and lofi piece “Boy”

is significant, but they somehow

both fit nicely within

the same unreleased film.

Something that artists

like Portishead and Bjork

can pull off,

and apparently TSUKI

can do the exact same.

Much love to SVNSET TAPES

from Amarillo, Texas

for releasing this album

and putting me on to the magic

that I wouldn't have

discovered otherwise.

If you'll excuse me,

I need to go back

to looping

"I Don't Miss You Anymore".