Artwork:  Zach Thompson

Artwork: Zach Thompson

There's something rather refreshing and reassuring about pressing play on an entire album on YouTube. To see the length surpass 30 minutes, sometimes extending to an hour, is to digest something seamless, cohesive. One less tab I don't have to worry about every five minutes. Since finally grabbing Spotify and since really diving into the [full album] world of YouTube, I've been listening to a great deal of LPs front to back. Here are a handful that have grabbed my recent attention.

Yellow Days – Harmless Melodies [2016]

I heard this project briefly on SoundCloud, but it wasn't until recently that I really sunk my teeth into the half hour experience. Released back in November, the hazy and psychedelic coastal journey is one not to be missed. Some true groovers on this project. Some worthy of music videos, even radio play. Lead singles like “Gap in the Clouds” and “Your Hand Holding Mine” can be enjoyed separately on Yellow Days' SoundCloud, which is a gold mine.

Tommy Guerrero – Soul Food Taqueria [2003]

I was relatively familiar with Tommy Guerrero before pressing play on this hour-long album, but this was definitely my first time giving any of his LPs a proper listen. Soul Food Taqueria is a rather fitting title for the 2003 release, which combines Latin grooves with soulful breakdown. It's one hell of an instrumental ride.

Glue Trip – Glue Trip [2015]

Wow. I hadn't heard of the Brazilian pop duo before, but boy does this hit the spot. Dream pop mixes with coastal grooves (and plenty of flutes) for a truly bright ride. If you need more from these two, you can check out their SoundCloud, although nothing has been released in over two years.

Vacations – Vibes & Days [2015/2016]

The two surf pop rock EPs by Australian group Vacations are combined into this 30 minute YouTube video. Courtesy of Atlanta label Human Sounds Records, the projects are available as cassettes on their Bandcamp page. The artwork will draw you in, and the beach grooves will make sure you stick around.