Minnesota musician Shrimpnose 

is a producer/DJ who considers

the studio and the stage

to be his comfort zones.

With production that blends

hip-hop, electronica,

and ambient stylings,

the 20-something is truly

on a wave of his own;

a wave which includes

being a producer (and DJ)

for rap/trap trio CRAM.,

who have opened for Soulja Boy,

D.R.A.M., $uicideboy$, and more.

Following plenty

of solo tracks

and collaborative releases

(and with plenty more

in the vault),

Shrimpnose released

his newest EP, 

Not Really, yesterday

through forward-thinking label

Rootnote Collective.

The five song EP

is an electric garden

you have to plug in,

dancing with styles and energy.

Like going to the grocery store

with four spliffs,

a gallon of coffee.

and a flower in your hair.

While three of the songs

are instrumental on the EP,

vocalists Aym Telos, Nazeem,

and Jaylap (of CRAM)

lend their talents

to the finished product.

The final song


is such a heater.

Not Really arrives

after numerous singles

(through keats//collective,

Nasty Food, mишка, and more)

as well as last year's EP, ¿don't i?