Art by  Diana Nguyen
Recorded by David Tanton and Paul Harper over the course of a couple of wonderful days.

Toronto artists

Rhoda and Lion Detective Club

spent a few days

recording music together

back in the fall.

Now that the cold

is fading and warmth

is returning

(from jackets back

to colorful sweaters),

the two creatives

unleashed an EP

of something they crafted

late last year.

The lead single

that they released

on SoundCloud

is called "In Evergreen"

and reminds me

of a lighthouse

caught in the fog,

directing large boats

as best as possible.

The acoustic, live single

is available on SoundCloud

while three additionally relaxing

and soothing ambient songs

are on Bandcamp

as part of the In Evergreen EP.

Take a nap to this one.