I've known Tom MacMillan

since I was in high school.

I've shared enough

wild and memorable experiences

with him that I could

write a lengthy book.

Now, ten years later,

and the Indiana native

resides in Oregon,

where he multitasks

his bubbling creativity

with a steady day gig.

Among his creative outlets

(including music production

and layered sing-a-longs),

perhaps the most entertaining

is his art series of comical puns.

From Woody Allen Iverson

to Chance the Gift Wrapper,

all of the drawings

blossom a smile

and impress with precision.

Trumpa Lumpa?!

Seth Rogaine?!

I mean, come on.

Tom aka Tomac

doesn't have a website

or a store (he should,

shouldn't he?),

but he did craft a spread

for last year's zine

Drawing a Blank.

You can check out

much more of MacMillan's art

on his consistently strong

Instagram page.

You didn't know until now

that you needed a drawing

of Hey Arnold! Schwarzenegger

in your life, did you?