We wish to reach out to any person who has had the experience of feeling displaced from where their origins lie.

In June and July of this summer, an upcoming feature known as No Sitting on the Grass will be filmed in South Korea. The pre-production movie is described as "a semi-autobiographical feature film about a young Canadian born South Korean woman who travels to her home country only to be met with cultural identity crisis and sentiments of lost nostalgia."

Crafted by Jasper Julia Lim and backed by a 'bare bones crew' with a 'minimal budget', the film currently has an Indiegogo crowdfunding link to help assist with the upcoming feature.

The reason I found out about this upcoming film is through producer/musician Rhoda aka David Tanton. He is handling all of the original compositions for the film. We've covered his work a great deal in the past and you can hear his piano score throughout the trailer.

Toss some cash their way if you can. They have eighteen more days of fundraising before the crew takes off to create something truly unique and special.