Artwork:  Phib

Artwork: Phib

How to fill

empty space

with a plethora of samples,

a boatload of drums,

thirteen single titles,

three friends,

and a pile of textbooks

made to study silence.

It seems like

just yesterday

that I was interviewing

producer nohidea

for his full-length

Home Movies,

yet here I am tonight,

talking about his even

newer album,

Blank Space.

Featuring help

from fellow producers

Rhoda, Idealism,

and Sumwun,

as well as original art

from collage guru Phib

(all of whom

have been on the blog

in the past),

the album is a crisp

continuation of the lofi

beatmaker's prolific career.

It's his personal album

'based on the concept

of negative space'.

Shed a tear

(or three)

to this one.