A flooded world where people live
on high constructed buildings
stretched all the way to the horizon

With titles like

“Neverending Naps”,

“Silken Sails”,

and “Feathertop Forests”,

the alliteration game

is very strong

on Inward Isles,

the new collaborative

EP between

producers Rhoda

and Santpoort.

Sleepy and gentle,

the five song

project is something

to play once

the sun dies,

once it’s time

for blankets

and stories told

by flashlight.

The two artists

(based in Montreal

and Sydney, respectively)

created something

truly touching

and calming.

Like finding yourself

caught in a night

spent running

to the coast,

where the quiet tide

teaches you

how to swim.

I’ll have this

13 minute dream

on repeat

until my eyes close

or until the sun

comes up.


happens first.