News was announced,

headlines were made:

the group Gorillaz has returned.

After announcing their own

incredible music festival

on June 10,

the animated quartet

(who haven't released

any albums since late 2010)

provided a roll out

for their album,

which will feature

dozens of guest features.

After that, as recently

as yesterday, Gorillaz

released a batch of new tracks

in the form of innovative

music videos

from the four familiar faces.

Now a bit more grown

and realistic since their 1998 birth.

First was the lead single

"Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)"

which is available in interactive 360

(available at the top)

or traditional 2D.

Featuring Popcaan,

the haunted song

was then followed

up with three "art track"

videos featuring D.R.A.M.,

Vince Staples, and Jehnny Beth.

While four songs in one day

might be a bit much

for the average artist,

especially after being dormant

for quite some time

(Damon Albarn is never dormant though),

it's merely a sliver

of what will become

the upcoming 26 song album.

The Gorillaz album

Humanz (LP No. 5)

will be released

on April 28.

Until then,

I suggest you revisit

their last four albums,

front to back,

back to front,

and prepare yourself properly

for what's to come.