I haven't been fully immersed

in the collage art world

for long,

but over the course

of the last few months

(thanks to artists like

Phib and Dewey Saunders),

I've discovered more

and more names.

One in particular

is the French minimalist

Loïck Even.

Often using one or two

vintage cutouts

over a solid piece

(or perhaps a two-tone)

of construction paper,

the creations transform

into their own worlds,

ones that are is both

vast and miniature.

Like climbing a ladder

and reaching for the moon

is a plausible

midnight activity.


While I hope to

interview Loïck Even

down the road

to talk craft and style,

the artist acts

as a fine addition

to the Ongoing Art Gallery,

where I'm certain

plenty of more

collage artists will join

the continual roster.