Lee Kyutae aka Kokooma

is a visual artist

that focuses

on intricate

and calming paintings

as well as

silent animated

short films.

His paintings

often cover

serene and expansive

landscapes where

people are the size

of thimbles.

Dense forests,

rolling hills,

and snowfall all

make appearances

in the work

of the Seoul-based artist

Kokooma was first covered

back in January

when I featured

his 2008 short film

Look Around.

In 2014, he released

the short film

Each Other

which is equally

as gripping

and dazzling.

Plenty of paintings

and sketchbook creations

have come and gone

in the last few years

as Kokooma has continued

to work on

the next short film,

Here Winter.

The trailer was released

earlier this year

and will hopefully

be arriving soon.

Enjoy the visuals

throughout this piece

and find much more

from Kokooma

via Instagram

and Twitter.