Vista: a view or prospect / an avenue or passage / a far-reaching mental view


(by way of Kansas City)

duo Iris Temple

have been a buzzworthy,

multi-faceted act

since they impressed

in 2016

with their four song

Duality EP.

With a handful

of selective features

(and a loose single)

in between,

Iris Temple are back

eight months later

with a new three song EP


The lead single "Theatre"

launched last Monday

and now the full release

is available

for proper digestion.

From the hypnotic "Theatre"

to the atmospheric

(see also: woozy) "Typhoon"

to the electrified "Parade",

the eleven minute project

is a tornado of talent.

Vocalist Aura

(who also does the artwork)

unravels a plethora

of poetic lyricism

while multi-instrumentalist

and vocalist Quinn Cochran

provides backdrops,

guitar solos,

and falsetto daydreams.

It's hard to pick a favorite

between the three

dense numbers,

which means Iris Temple

is doing something right.


arrives just in time

for summer to launch;

fittingly so, as this project

is perfect for a weekend drive.

If you're down

for the Temple,

you can grab a shirt

or a hat right here.