This album is the culmination of our passion, experience, & hard work over the past year & displays our love for evocative tunes, catchy melodies, & infectious grooves.

After releasing

the collaborative EP


with Brittany Lee Moffitt

and their debut EP,

Up Late, back in 2017,

Indiana band

After Ours

spent a year

playing more shows

than you can count

on ten people's

fingers. To top it off,

the two just released

their debut full-length

album, All the Time.

It's an eleven song

instrumental succotash,

slung forth by down

tempo grooves, free

flowing jazz bounce,

hip-hop stylings,

and guitar riffs galore.

'Head nod jazz,'

as they say.

“Sugary” sounds

like a bank heist.

“Home” like a warm

slice of freshly

baked bread.

The whole album

sounds like summer.

If you need more

from these two,

check out their

side project AIRIAR

alongside guitarist

Tom Nania.