Another season

and another Drayco mixtape.

The Indianapolis rapper

has been on a rampage

since releasing Drayco McGrady

back in January.

He's since performed in Chicago,

opening for Herb and Bibby,

and even appearing

on Chicago Sleepers

(featured below).

Now, the Nap Time rap god

aka Big Baby Guillotine

aka Sprite Baptizer

gives us Skull Collecta,

a haunted eighteen

song mixtape.

With significant production

assistance from Grimm Doza

(always a good thing),

as well as multiple Sirius Blvck

features, you know you're in

for a hell of a ride.

Flaco and MadBliss

make appearances

and the energy never declines.

Evil creeps in from the jump

and Guillotine's ear for beats

is on point every time.

Halloween came early this year,

that much we know.