Random trips/seeing new things are essential to the creative process.

Masked producer Brock Berrigan has released over a dozen projects since 2011. The prolific artist is back yet again for another instrumental and cinematic journey. Crafted on hiking trips and Hawaii visits, this is Berrigan's first full-length offering since last August's Way of Life. Along with the launch of the album today, I was able to speak with the enigmatic beer guzzler about the album's process, his recent travels, and a bounty of powerful wisdom. Drink up. 

How would you describe your new project to a stranger on the street?

It's feel good instrumental music to help the day go by. Was going for an audio intoxication vibe.

What were you listening to while creating this album?

I was listening to a lot of RTJ 3, the new Avalanches, a lot of SoundCloud homies like Flamingosis and Birocratic, and mostly just going through old 60/70s soul records finding samples and getting inspired. 

How long have you been working on Point Pleasant?

It's been about 7 months now of really piecing it all together. Had about 40 tracks over a few months and then spent two weeks dwindling them down into an album. I actually went on a trip to Utah with Birocratic and Chillhop and we finished the album order there after hiking and drinking for a few days.

What's the rest of the year looking like for you?

I’m just going to make a lot of music and hang out with my puppy Hazel every day. And get some merch out there and get some of the older albums on vinyl.

I saw that you were out in Hawaii. Vacation, or did you make some music out there?

Yup went there with my older brother and younger sister. I brought all my gear so every night I spent a few hours making some music there. The track “Crossing Paths” was actually made in the kitchen of one of the places we stayed at. We went on an eight mile hike through the jungle and some mountains, and I made that beat that night. Random trips/seeing new things are essential to the creative process. 

Any final words of wisdom / closing thoughts? 

Live life, try not to give a shit about what others think. The people who do the least do the most shit talking, so don’t let it get to you. And if you have a passion, practice it every single day. Step out of the comfort zone every once in a while and see what happens. And get a puppy if you can, it is life changing. Cheers