It was last year

where I caught wind

of Naji, but it wasn't

until this year

that I truly started

to listen and digest.

Thanks largely

to my roommate Jaro.

While I've been

grooving to tracks like

“10 Cubed” and “Fallen”,

it wasn't until early July

that Naji released his debut

EP, The Optimist.

Made up of five songs,

the project

(that he fully produced)

is full of vocal layers

and guest appearances,

like on the posse cut

hit single “Olu's House”,

which comes complete

with a music video.

As a contrast,

the lead single is

“Do You”

is entirely solo Naji.

If you dig

the EP

and the music video,

be sure to check out

the live performance

of the EP below.

Music starts at 14 minutes in.