I haven't listened

to their compilation,

but Soulection

released a twelve song

project known as

Promise Once More.

While I haven't

fully indulged,

I have looped

Naji's contribution

for the last couple days.

With production from Insightful,

the song is more operatic

than hip-hop, more epic

and baroque than expected.

A truly moving number,

it almost reminds me

of Shearwater's album

The Golden Archipelago.

In a good way.

A very good way.

This song should

be played

before going to battle.

Along with that

collaborative release,

Naji also performed

"Mona Lisa" live

as a Tiny Desk submission

for NPR's acclaimed segment.

Four artists rework

the Monte Booker beat,

with Naji on bass.

It's a nice addition

to his YouTube channel,

which includes a live version

of "10 Cubed".

If you need more Naji,

check out his 2017 playlist

below. It's already fire.