Prolific creative, visual artist,

and self-proclaimed alien

Michael Alan

just finished painting

a 66 foot mural.

The piece is in anticipation

of his Jacksonville, Florida exhibit,

Life. The Universe. And Everything.,

a gallery which opens tonight

at 7pm and goes until 2am.

Much like his live paintings

and surreal experiments,

this will certainly be a night to remember.

A feast for the eyes.

A live Draw-A-Thon

and promised performance

where anything can happen.

Expect paint splatter on your face

before driving home

with dreams brighter

than the night before.

It's been great following

Michael Alan's art history

throughout this calendar year,

which most recently was covered

in the six minute documentary

posted up above.

Keep on the look out

for much more from

Mr. Alan,

who seems to craft

day in and day out,

only taking breaks

to share his work

and continue spreading positivity.