I wrote this song in my parents’ backyard in Kenosha, WI and then brought it to fellow Chicago musician and producer, Luke Otwell. It kind of lulls you in, the chord progression never changes but the melodies vary. I’m one of those people who can hear the same two chords over and over and be ok with it. Now that it’s getting colder, it’s easier to get back into that vulnerable place.
— L. martin

Today marks

the debut release

of solo act 

L. martin,

formerly of

The Walters.

Taking center stage

on his own, the new

single and video

showcases martin

somber and folsky

amidst limitless skies,

dancing on the shore.

It is a track

perfect for autumn

and also welcomes

the impending

"Wisconsin snow."

Produced by Luke Otwell

and with a video directed

by Dylan Fout,

the end result

is a welcoming introduction

into the immersive world

of L. martin.

Expect much more

around the corner.