If we took a finger and ran it along the grooves that fold around our souls, would it play us a song? Would we hear our heart’s soaring melody?

Love can be

a motherfucker.

Multitalented artist

Charlyne Yi

wrote and illustrated

the hilarious

and heartwarming

and heartbreaking

collection of shorts

known as

Oh the Moon.


I originally

found out

about Yi

through the roles

in the films

Knocked Up

and This is 40,

and while she is

fantastic in both

pieces of cinema,

it is here that she shines

center stage.

Featuring giant babies,

snow globes,

frog stomachs,

emotional clouds,

love drunk truck beds,

Elvis, and making sales

with the devil,

this 250 page

book is perfect

for a lunch break,

bathroom break,

or reading before bed;

something to enhance

your nighttime dreams.


Released back in 2015,

hopefully we get

something new

from Yi

in the near future.

While she recently

encountered a frustrating

and creepily disappointing

encounter with a children's book

publisher, the silver lining

is that something

is in the works.

Hopefully a positive

and kind-hearted

house will take in her art

and welcome it home.

Buy Oh the Moon here.