Earlier this month,

Michigan producer

Joey Pecoraro

released a split single

known as It’s Alright.

Featuring two tracks,

“Hug” and “Stay Strong”,

the mini project

is an auditory

experience to help

you through

the day,

the week,

the month,

to help

“through the hard times.”

Uplifting, reassuring,

comforting, these two

tracks will make you

feel all warm

and fuzzy,

exactly what

you need

as it starts

to get cold

and the daytime

becomes shorter.

If you like

what you hear,

be sure to

check out

the music videos

that accompany

the two songs,

as well as a recently

released Joey Pecoraro

remix of the song

“Momma, I’ve Got a Feeling”

by Andrew Applepie.