Shes an Artist.jpg

Jim Swim and ADE

have returned

with something

bright to heighten

your summer. The two

united last autumn

to release

the single "Pray"

and followed

it up with

the harmonious

yet harrowing

number "Killin' Me."

Continuing the collaborative

series is

part three

of their

organic trilogy:

the new loose single,

"She's an Artist."

The song is an ode

to powerful

women everywhere,

complete with a

fitting Gemini

shout-out during

their season.

An open letter

to the divine feminine,

the uplifting

and empowering

track demands a dance

in a cubicle, a twist

in an elevator. Try

to keep up

with the fast raps

before and after

you clap

with the chorus.

This one's important.