Sometimes we live in our own imaginary bubbles. See glimpses of distant images. Floating. But they slip away too easily. Keep your mind open. Dream.

Since it was released

at the end

of February,

I’ve been constantly

listening to Imaginary,

the newest


from relaxing

producer Kupla.

While this is

the first solo

full length

from Kupla

since July’s

Owls and Pinecones,

the London producer

also released an EP

with producer/guitarist

j’san as well as

various singles

sprinkled throughout

the between time.

Let it be known:

if you press

play on this album

five minutes

after midnight

and grab a telescope,

you will see

red roses blossom

and bloom

on the moon.

By the time

the album

is over, the entire

moon will be

a flower bed.

I promise.