Back in 2017,

producer Vdon

and rapper

Willie the Kid

released the seven

song project

Blue Notes.

At the top

of 2018,

they released

the video

alongside rapper

Eto. The track

was called

“Heather Grey”

and was a taste

of things to come.

Fast forward

a year

and the three

artists have dropped

the hardest EP

I’ve heard in a minute.

If someone

bumps into me

while I’m blasting

this when walking

down the street,

there’s no knowing

what I might do.

And I’m a peaceful

man! This project

is stuffed tight

with confidence,

bravado, and

raw power.

It’s an energy

boost, something

to play to terrify

the neighbors

as they try

to put their kids

to sleep.

If you need

more from these

artists, Vdon

released the EP

The Bone Collector

last year as well

as a collaborative

project with Dark Lo.

Meanwhile, Eto

just released

a full-length

fully produced

by DJ Muggs.

These guys can

do no wrong.