Jiles eleven song

project Fuck Jiles

holds up with

the heavyweights

of 2019 hip-hop

releases. Aggressive,

in your face,

and authentic as hell,

it’s an album to play

while speeding through

traffic, while melted

to your homie’s couch,

while passing time

in the clouds.

“Fetty Wap”

with Starsky Go Dumb

and “Flagrant”

are my two favorites

here, but the whole

project is worth

your while. More

recently, Jiles released

the single “Fences”

with producer Kuranes.

You need all of this

in your ears now.

One more track

is worth mentioning

(for now):

Jiles released a joint

EP with Luke Bar$

earlier this year

and the track

“No Fear”

is one of my favorites

of the year.

The two voices

and flows

contrast each other

so nicely here.

And that beat!