Earlier this year

producers (and friends)

Arbour and Fantompower

visited the Inner Ocean

Records headquarters

in Canada for

a music residency.

During their productive

time up north, they

created a five song EP.

Lofi and relaxed,

it’s exactly what

you need this autumn.

“Stop Motion”

might be my favorite.

But also

“Singing Bowl”.

Watch the short doc

about the process

while you’re at it.

And, oh yeah,

you need more?

Please listen

to Arbour’s

ten minute beat tape

properly titled

Some Beats.

Groovy and smooth.

And, oh yeah,

you need more?

Check out the second

Inner Ocean Records

residency with G Mills

who also created

an EP (and

a documentary)

during his visit.

It’s an instrumental

rundown, y’all,

and I love to witness

the journey.