Holy Whack-A-Mole!

I watched the 2003

animated Brazilian film

Boy in the World

and my pupils

are still dilated.

A visual journey

through and through,

the dialogue-free film

shows a young boy

take part

in a fantastic journey

to find his father

who has left

in search of work.

I would throw

this film

in the same conversation 

as Triplets of Belleville,

in regards to

silent and surreal films.

Very few films

are worthy of being included

alongside Triplets

(a personal favorite of mine),

but Boy in the World

is one of those films.

The story is great,

and will move you,

but it's the animation

that steals the show.

With parts handled

in paintings and drawings

(so many crayons)

and other parts

done with digital animation,

the multimedia film

truly enchants.

Some parts look like

iTunes visualizers

and other parts resemble

elementary school art class.

It's a visual treat,

one I can't recommend enough.

Yeah, I'm going to

watch it again.