And oh yes,

what a beautiful

summer it is

to be alive.

Milwaukee producer

and live musician

Q the Sun

has been assisting

acts like WebsterX,

Lorde Fredd33, Milo,

Lex Allen, and more

for the last couple years,

but it wasn't until

earlier this month

that Q the Sun

finally let loose

his own project.


the project is made up of

“a collection

of loops, vibes, and beats."

The 27 minute project

is an instrumental journey

for your next commute,

when the pen is in your teeth,

your notepad is blank,

and you need some inspiration.

If you crave more

production from this

talented soul,

be sure to check

his track with Milo

(posted below)

and his instrumental bumps

on Instagram,

where he also creates artwork.