Milwaukee collective N.A.N.

(New Age Narcissism)

have been releasing plenty

to hold us over as of late.

I'm going to try to play

catch up in this article,

so pardon me if I missed

anything crucial.

Let's first begin with

'Until They Berry Me',

a short film directed by

Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue.

The two have handled plenty

of music videos in the past,

but this is their first

proper short film.

As far as I know.

Starring the members of N.A.N.

(in particular, Lorde Freddee)

as well as Mic Kellogg,

Zed Kenzo, and more,

and with a deeply

moving/haunting score

courtesy of Q the Sun,

the eight minute piece

is one that will make you shiver.

The short is particularly

impressive for moving

the audience without

dialogue, instead

with action and music.

Lex Allen

lost his mother

almost a year ago

and he turns that tragedy

into an uplifting

and moving pop song

known as "Mama's Boy".

Released only a few days

ago, the song drips emotion

and is a stunning contrast

to his upbeat capabilities

found on "Cream & Sugar".

Wow, that piano.

Wow, that voice.

The artwork says plenty

in regards to this song,

but Lorde Fredd33

plays around

with autobiographical

tales and subtle flexes,

flowing over minimal

production, turning his voice

into an instrument,

even switching everything

up on the final

30 seconds. Respect.

WebsterX has been featured

on various tracks

this calendar year,

but the single

"Blue Streak",

produced by Four Giants,

is his first solo offering

of 2016.

With this track

came the announcement

of a distribution deal

through Closed Sessions.

It's nice to know

that Mr. Web is in good hands

with the independent

Chicago label.

Earlier this fall,

NAN member Siren

released "Priestess",

a track produced

by Mic Kellogg

that I'm still spinning.

Hopefully we get an EP

or a full-length

from this talent

sooner than later.

This is a nice sequel

to "Queen Medusa".

Is this genre

considered witch-hop?

I hope so.

Along with producing

for most members of NAN

and providing the score

for the short film above,

Q the Sun

also works with teenagers

in Milwaukee through

various non-profits

in order to educate

about production and performance.

Over the summer,

Q teamed up with

Milwaukee Water Commons

to speak out on issues

surrounding water.

They even wrote and produced

a song, which you can find

up above. What

can't this group do?

I don't think

Kenny Hoopla

is technically N.A.N.,

but he is featured

in the short film above

and he has been going

wild on the music tip.

After releasing an EP

last month,

he followed it up

with the single


and it's too hot

to not mention

in this article.

Salute to N.A.N.

Salute to Milwaukee.