It's finally that time,

where WebsterX

pays yet another visit

to Planet Earth

(from somewhere deep

in orbit, zero gravity

floating in space),

to deliver his debut album,


It's a fourteen song epic

(with one interlude)

full of energy, harmonization,

and atmospheric bass dreams.

WebsterX has traveled

a great distance

since his debut mixtape

Desperate Youth

in 2013

and his Radiohead-inspired EP

KidX last year.

Having always been a sucker

for the production side of things,

it's great to see Milwaukee talent

Q the Sun

handling instrumentation

on half of the album.

BoatHouse provides

two beats as well

and Mic Kellogg

assists on “Heaven's Gate”.

The result is an organic,

Midwestern hip-hop album,

one worthy of your weekend

smoke session,

dance party,

bed jump.

Press play and let this album

act as a night light

when the moon isn't shining

brightly enough

to dream.