Blink too fast

and just like that

Via Rosa

has a bounty of tracks

on her SoundCloud.

She spent

the better half

of the last year

focusing on


and while that's still

growing and blooming,

it seems she's back

to dropping loose tracks

at her disposal.

First we got three songs

in as many days,

later clumped into a playlist

called What the Entire F**k 2017?

It features a tribute

to West Side Story,

a song that Via produced,

and a track produced

by Sani, who fully produced

Via's stunning Cinderella 99.

To top it off,

Via just dropped

a Robin Hood

(the Disney version)

tribute track

called “Knotting Ham”.

It's five minutes long

and is tagged here

as “ambient”,

which is fitting,

given how Via sings

lullabies over a guitar loop.

Hits. The. Spot.