Amidst thick snowfall, Via Rosa closed out Emporium on Sunday evening after sets by Jean Deaux and Kaina & Burns Twins. Before and after her performance, she was found in the back, by the pinball machines, selling homemade vegan apple pie cheesecakes. It was a memorable night indeed. 

Following the Winter Soulstice occasion, I felt it necessary to speak with the singer / songwriter / chef / illustrator / VHS collector / daydreamer, asking her to craft her own list of five for our ongoing column.

One Book: Starbrow

"I don't finish a lot of books but right now and probably forever is a book called Star Brow. It's a little Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter status. I feel like it's about me and my friends."

One Restaurant: Upton's Breakroom

"It's a little spot called Upton's Breakroom. It's in Chicago on Grand and Hoyne. It's all vegan and everything is delicious. My friend Ellen runs the kitchen and Kyler works the line. She's an amazing painter and I love eating there and visiting with them. The owners Dan and Nicole are totally awesome!"

One Group: Majid Jordan

"I really like Majid Jordan. I see them pretty much every time they come to Chicago and one time Majid kissed me on the cheek. But I mean, I'm not being biased or anything [laughs]."

One Movie: Amelie

"I have been watching Amelie on repeat. One because it's in French and two because the shots and the soundtrack are breathtaking. Not to mention the overall plot of the film. It's amazing."

One Venue: The Dojo

"I really enjoy performing at underground events, house parties, and basement parties. My favorite show I've ever done is at a place called The Dojo but it's a secret location so I can't tell you where it is. I did however see Majid Jordan play at this nice place and was like damn, I wanna play here and I just found out I get to play there next month, So I'm really excited about that."

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