Nine new instrumentals

from The Five Points Bakery

in the form of an album

known as All In.

What more do you need?

DJ Burn One,

Go! Ricky Go!,

Walt Live,

and more line up

properly for this release.

If you need more

from these Atlanta guys,

you don't need

to look too far.

They released a yoga album

known as Thousandfold.

They released a French

hors d'oeuvres album

known as Canape.

They released a Spanish

snack album

known as Tapas.

They released an album

known as

Who Killed the Last Dragon?

as part of their magical

band side project


All of that content

and I'm barely

scratching the surface.

They still hold it down

as being featured in my favorite

Rhythm Roulette.

Something tells me

they have days and days

of music in the vault

and thankfully, All In

will hold me over

until whatever comes next;

it's exactly what

this sunshine called for.