When I think

of Chicago MC

Vagabond Maurice

I think of two things:

1.) Anime.

2.) Smile.

How fitting

that his two

new 2018 singles

feature both

of these elements

as artwork.

Following his two

full-length albums,

The Dragon Who

Devoured the Moon (2015)

and Watching Icarus Fly (2016),

Maurice let loose

a series of loose tracks.

The first 2018 drop

was a quick interlude known as

"Sancta Sanctorum." It's a lyrical

tornado, high speed

bars over meditative production.

V.M. followed that up

with the jazzy

"Kerberos Meteor Showers"

alongside Leyone Tracks.

"Exhale imagination

as I tore through thunder."

Two for two this calendar

year for Dr. Vagabond.