Tiny stars, they light up the sky
Show the way for you and for I.

It's only been four months since Los Angeles musician Kadhja Bonet released her eight song masterpiece The Visitor. Yes, a masterpiece. Enough time has passed to declare this debut LP as such. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the project is a 100% testament to Ms. Bonet's authenticity.

Writing, arranging, and producing the entire project on her own, the end result is a signature time travel from yesteryear into the future. Like finding a spaceship in a junkyard in 1968. Vintage and cinematic, the production might generate comparisons to Adrian Younge if Adrian Younge worked in an astro lounge out past Jupiter. Bonet's bio, for example, begins, “Born in 1784 in the backseat of a sea-foam green space pinto.

While The Visitor sounded incredible when it was distributed through Fresh Selects and Fat Possum back in the fal, it might sound even better in the winter, with February snow falling. The gentle comfort of "Honeycomb". The breakdown in “Fairweather Friend”. The enchanting nature of closing number “Francisco”.

It's a project worth revisiting when in need of the heaviest jacket in the closet, the warmest fireplace in the city. If you haven't listened yet and this is your first time? What a time to be alive.