The House of Small Cubes

is a short film

available on Netflix.

In twelve quick minutes,

you'll be entirely

in your feels.

Enough to spin

it back and watch it again.

The 2008 short film

won an Academy Award

in 2009 for

Best Animated Short Film.

It tells the silent tale

of a flooding community

with a widowed man

reliving his life

thanks to some SCUBA gear

and a lost pipe.

Directed by Kunio Kato,

if you need more

of his work,

visit the sixteen minute

complete series of

The Diary of Tortov Roddle

(available above).

I'm now in a wormhole

of wonderful animation,

like surrealism

dancing with traditional

still lifes. Fantastic.

A special thanks

to all of the great

people in the world

who recommend

short films like this.

It was either Heavy Hearts

or BoatHouse who led me down

this particular path.

Gracias hombres.