Storyline: In a time of civil war, a young warrior is given the task of delivering a treaty between two rival lords. During her journey through the woods however, she finds herself hunted by two assassins intent on intercepting her message of peace in a bid to maintain the fear, instability and violent rule of their leader.

You have five minutes

to watch this black and white

short film.

The quick samurai flick,

simply known as 'Pre Vis Action',

comes written and directed

by Gareth Evans,

best known for crafting the duo

The Raid: Redemption (2011) 

and The Raid 2 (2014).

He released it last year

to play around

with some fight choreography

and to "see if we could

create something non-violent

for my kiddo."

As I wait to see

a new full-length from him

(whispers about a movie

revolving around cults?),

this was a nice find

while looking for my fix.

If you need more from Evans,

check out his short,

Safe Haven,

in the V/H/S 2 anthology.

It still haunts me.