Best when waking up

Last month, I ran

an article about

finding full albums

on YouTube.

It was a new form

of streaming / surfing

for me

and it led to a plethora

of new content.

One of my favorite

YouTube channels

now is Phone Sex,

who recently posted a bunch

of albums by South Korean

group Shindigs.

From April 2014

to April 2016,

the group released

three EPs and two albums.

Lofi bedroom pop,

their bright artwork

(flower beds, green hills)

says quite a bit.

Press play

on any of the music


and get your day

started right.

It's been over a year

of silence since

Shindigs released anything,

so while they might be

taking a break

or while they might be

working on something bigger,

these projects are plenty

to keep you company

until they release more.