rat blanket.jpg

A thesis:

what it means

to be a Rat Blanket.

Chicago based

musician and singer

Blanket aka Rat

aka Lillie Lilian Amadea

Hercules Sam West

released an eleven song

album called Hercules.

It is an endearing

and enchanting

journal found

in a damp time capsule.

Crafted last summer,

the lofi bedroom pop

sounds like Kimya Dawson

and Karen O in a 1995

cyber chat room.

It sounds like canceling

all of your

weekend plans

and instead dancing

on your bed

while listening

to old records.

Enjoy the album

via Bandcamp

(it's free)

as well as

the music video

for the track

“I Wish All Roses

Were Microphones”,

which is directed

by Molly Soda.