Shall we take

a moment

to sit back

and reflect

on three albums

by New Orleans

rapper and perhaps

my favorite

MC alive


the Hot Spitta?

The Pilot Talk

trilogy was recently


as a means

to revitalize

a classic series,

one that still receives

rotation around

these parts.

Produced almost entirely

by Ski Beatz

(and the Senseis),

other producers like

Monsta Beatz, Harry Fraud,

and Nesby Phips

come along for the

smoked out ride.

Complete with artwork

by Brooklyn's

David Barnett,

the three parter

was released in

2010, 2011, and 2016.

In the between time,

Spitta dropped

about 40 projects,

but these stand out

as some of the strongest.

Songs like "The Day"

with Mos Def

and Jay Electronica.

Songs like "Hold On"

with Trademark

and Young Roddy.

Songs like "Michael Knight",

"Airborne Aquarium",

"King Kong",

"Pot Jar" with Jadakiss

and "Audio Dope"

(both pt. 2 and pt. 5).

Be sure to catch

Spitta Andretti

when he slides through

your neck of the woods

promoting the trilogy.