Independent record label Babe Slayer is one of my favorites to keep track of. The newly formed label (run by Eyedess) has impressed in the past with releases by Jasmine and Mellow Follow, and now they've delivered a new batch to their catalog. Returning with a slew of drops on their SoundCloud, including three new EPs from artists Anime Eyes, Rhxanders, and Teenage Granny. Here's the rundown:

Anime Eyes - Telepathic Skills EP

The four song EP 

by Anime Eyes

(I couldn't find anything

on her online. You try

Googling 'Anime Eyes'.)

is equal parts stripped down 

and dreamy (like "Jazz Punks"),

while opener “Higher Levels” 

is reminiscent of CocoRosie 

blended with Bat for Lashes 

and a little more reverb.

Teenage Granny - Teenage Grannycore EP

A two song project

called Teenage Grannycore.

Needless to say,

I had no idea

what to expect

before pressing play;

I was pleasantly surprised

when I did.

The split single

is a dreamy pop

endeavor relaxed

on the beach.

Lofi bedroom blues

not far

from the ocean.

Exactly what you need

before bedtime.

Rhxhanders // Eyedress // Jess Connelly // Chocolate Grass

The four song

release by Rxhanders,

Eye Still Get High

was removed as a proper

playlist, but still exists

as solo pieces.

With a quick guitar-driven

punk piece called

“Purists Are Pretentious”,

the remaining

three songs

are shrouded in experimental

blissful synth pop,

complete with collaborations

from Eyedress,

Chocolate Grass,

and Jess Connelly.

Little by little,

Babe Slayer

continues to take hold

of more of my heart.