A couple of weeks

ago, Portland

producer Oatmello

released the instrumental

EP Sunrise.

Covering nine songs

in under thirteen minutes,

the lo.fi EP

is full of quality loops,

ambient wanderings,

and drums

that hit the spot.

I especially enjoyed

the track “children”.

On the second half

of the tape,

the song “intrigue”

features a stunning

verse in Spanish

from Olivia Herdt

and the closing number

“soma” features

some distorted vocals

from Wisp.

Prior to Sunrise,



an EP back in January

called Breath.

The six songs

are entirely instrumental

and just as enjoyable

as Sunrise.

On top of it all,

Oatmello released

a nine minute

loop upload

properly titled

Mello Loops One.

Three releases

before March?

Let's see what

Oatmello does next.