Art by  Cam Collins

Sometimes, for projects

that I highly anticipate,

I spend more time

with the material.

I'm more careful with listening.

Buzzing Chicago singer/dreamer

Ravyn Lenae launched

her second EP

last week. Continuing

with focus on Mama Luna,

the six song project

is properly titled

Midnight Moonlight.

First, we heard her

put on her Moon Shoes

and prepare for a late night

visit to the big

pie in the sky.

Now she's floating in orbit;

it's darker outside

but she's making the best of it.

This is a slow tune

croon cruise, something

to play in the hours

of the night

when the whole world

appears asleep

and you don't need

headlights because the moon

is shining that bright.

Monte Booker produces

the middle half of this project,

including the standout single

“Spice” (which needs a music video)

and the hypnotizing “Hiatus (Waiting)”,

the shortest and possibly most effective

track on the project.

It comes and goes so quickly,

never wasting any time

or lagging behind.

Come dance in the Moonlight.

Six heaters handled properly.

Ravyn just finished a sold out

nation-wide tour with Noname,

and with a hot EP in her grip,

who knows what she will do next.