It’s been a long time coming. We appreciate your patience.

I was first introduced

to Legit back in early 2014,

shortly after he released

the EP Thief in the Night.

At the time,

it was a mini project

meant to hold over

listeners until his release

of Surprise. While Surprise

molded into something else,

I found myself spinning

Thief in the Night

over and over again.

Coated in THEMpeople production

with a cinematic feel throughout,

it was a Chicago project

I went back to

time and time again

as I was fully submerged

in Chicago hip-hop

for the very first time.

Now, almost four years later,

after plenty of singles,

live shows, and guest features,

Legit is back to offer up

his anticipatory

solo project, Maudlin.

Like he says

at the beginning

of his heartfelt

SoundCloud description:

it's been a long time coming.

But it's been

worth the wait.

The ten song EP

(with “Fatality” acting

as a bonus eleventh)

feels like it comes from

a different era,

a past decade.

That noir soul

that can only be found

at the end of the night.

Lyrically dense

and smooth as hell,

this is something

that demands more

than one simple listen.

Let it all soak in

and find the lines

sticking in your head.

Enjoy this quality EP

because this might be

all we get for the next

couple of years from Legit.

Thankfully, it's plenty.