Do you believe that NASA invented thunderstorms to cover the sound of space battles?
— Phillip

I just completed

the 25 episode

debut season

of Amazon's original series

Danger & Eggs.

With eleven minutes

to work with

(as twelve 'double' episodes

and one long finale),

the show conquers

a great deal

of whacky adventures

that often lead to

insightful messages of

open-mindedness and kindness.

Revolving around

a daredevil girl named D.D.

(voiced by SNL's Aidy Bryant)

and an overcautious egg

named Phillip

(voiced by the great Eric Knobel),

the two spend most

of their time

at the park,

where anything

can happen.

This includes:

a hidden island,

an alligator king,

a mutant chicken

the size of a house,

a pride parade,

a black market of secrets,

a zipline course,

an underground pig tentacle, 

and about a dozen other

excitements and intrigue.

The debut season covers

a great deal of information

into an open-minded world,

where pronouns are properly used

and race and sexuality is respected,

regardless of boy, girl, egg,

or albino alligator.

As I grow in age

and try my best

to keep up

with a plethora

of current cartoons,

I'd like to energetically induct

Danger & Eggs

into my self-crafted

category of

Modern Kids Shows Enjoyed by Adults®.

This list includes Steven Universe,

Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall,

and Adventure Time.

Welcome to the family,

D.D. and Phillip.