This was released

a few months back,

but what is time?

It's a Monday morning

and I'm knee deep

in a gallon of coffee.

Thankfully, there exists

a thirteen minute

mix known properly


to soundtrack

my coffee endeavors.

Created by duo


and recorded from

January to June

of this year,


is equal parts beach

and lounge bar.

Some parts sound

like 90s theme songs

while other parts

fit inside an opium bar.

Originally made up

of Chicago artists

Paul Cherry

and Justin Vittori,

the JAVA project

enlisted eight

additional artists

to add to the free

flowing and experimental

quick mix.

If you like

the eclectic

(yet always relaxed)

instrumentals heard

on MIX II,

be sure to check

out the first mix

that was released

at the beginning

of this year.