Shout-out:  Gangster Doodles

Shout-out: Gangster Doodles

Late the other night,

I found out about

producer Eets.

He kickstarts

the newest album

by Jonway,

producing the song

“TED Talk”.

This is quite

the accolade,

given that Jonwayne

produces 90%

of his own album,

but still wanted

to flow over some

Eets production

to kickstart

the party.

I did some research

and found that

the Alaskan producer

released a fourteen

song project

back in 2015

called Rosebud.

On top of that,

he also founded

the tape label

Burnt Tapes,

back in 2014,

which has released

projects by talented

beatsmiths like

Ziga Murko and nooon,

both of whom

helped on the


compilations I released

back in 2015.

And yet I digress.

Don't sleep

on Eets.