Caduceus deserves

his own article

on the blog.

After releasing

“I Don't Wanna”

with Alicks and Trashton,

I began following

the work of the relaxing

ambient producer

from Grapevine, Texas.

Dark and calming,

most of his songs

feature sunset artwork,

dark purples and blues

to set the instrumental tone.

While his SoundCloud page

is a clean cut rundown

of his eight available songs,

it's worth mentioning

the two ambient tracks

he released in three days.

“Love” and “The Reason”

work so well together

to sculpt a mood, a feel

for the incredible music

that Caduceus crafts.

If you need more

than just eight

from Caduceus,

he is releasing a 26 piece

album known as Manifest

on March 17.


since writing this article,

Caduceus released another single

off of his upcoming album.

The single is called

"we were never in love

but oh god, we could've been"

and it's as sad

as the title suggests.

Expect a larger feature story

on March 17 with Caducues