Take a dip,

make a splash,

come cry one out.

Tears in the Rain

is a three song EP

from San Antonio

based artist

Dre Green.

The last time

she released a project

was Only One

where she was stationed

in Chicago

and working with some

truly notable producers

like The-Drum,

Supreme Cuts,

The GTW,

and Bobby Swan.

Now down in Texas,

and she's working

again with some

talented soundscape artists

through new platform

Public Profile

including Nicodxmvs

(who helped with our

Sleep Vol. 3),

D. OV, 1dotsdot,

and plenty more.

Kick starting the EP

with a seven minute

atmospheric overdrive,

the title track

takes you deep

into the hypnotic world,

only to come up

gasping for air

fifteen minutes later.

Like I said

at the beginning,

take a dip,

make a splash.