Since August of last year,

Netherfriends and Blake

have released four albums.

Having been known

to write and produce

tracks in under ten minutes,

the two have a whole heap

of additional content together.

This includes a handful

of albums to be released

later this year

(like a kid's album

about dinosaurs

and sharing).

While we wait

for plenty more

between the Texas residents,

here's a quick rundown

on their quartet of albums,

from newest to oldest.

Blake Rules and Netherfriends Blow Up // March 2017

In their newest adventure, the duo released ten tracks complete with horns and live instrumentation (on every song), as well as a feature from Austin's The Teeta. The track “Lonewolf” is super moving.

Blake and Netherfriends Sample Bill Evans // February 2017

Judging by the title, you can probably guess what the two guys are working with on this go 'round. Netherfriends sampled the late great jazz pianist Bill Evans for ten sharp rap tracks. Don't sleep on this one. 

Beatles Shit // January 2017

Three albums between Blake and Netherfriends in three months. How many more do they have planned this calendar year? On this thirteen song album, one that has been in talks for years, they go in on Beatles production. Fuck a sample clearance.

SWISH // August 2016

The duo's first official album together. SWISH is a whirlwind and a total blast to listen to. At 30 tracks in length, each with a different basketball player's name as the title, the project manages to still clock in at 30 minutes; each song averages under 60 seconds, making for a tornado of bars and thick production.

If you need more content

between Blake and Netherfriends,

visit the Netherfriends

YouTube channel.

They have like 30

music videos together.